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The GSRA is one of the oldest automotive and transportation associations in the USA. It was formed in 1976 by members of a number of car clubs to address legislative, insurance and safety issues facing the automotive hobby.   Today, GSRA is the largest  automotive association of its type in the State of Georgia.

The Georgia Street Rod Association promotes the car hobby in general and is open to everyone.  All you need is an interest in automobiles or transportation in general.  You don’t have to own a car!  Family members are welcome at all our events and many of them volunteer their time to help.

We define the term “Street Rod” as a vehicle you love.  Our members have all sorts of vehicles – stock, muscle cars, hot rods, trucks, motorcycles, custom cars, hybrids and electric cars, to name a few. All years, makes and models are welcome.  We have monthly meetings and events to show off your vehicle or just be with people with “like” minds.  Everyone has an opportunity to talk with new and old members and get involved as much as you would like.

Our mission is to be a statewide association of automobile enthusiasts and organizations dedicated to education, safety and awareness. We do this through our committees and educational scholarship program. Our vision is to offer a fun and educational member experience.  We accomplish all this with the help of our members and the donations we gather throughout the year.

We welcome you to become a member and add your voice and hands to an association that benefits the State of Georgia and the people that make up the automotive and transportation hobby industry.  We thank existing members for their dedication and service and look forward to serving everyone that is interested!

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